Anti-Aging Medicine & Skincare

Are you looking to age gracefully? Dr. Sinha believes that the absence of disease does not equal wellness. She works tirelessly to help people prevent disease years before it has the opportunity to present itself. She considers every individual to be unique thus considers the person’s physiology and preferences when recommending a plan. She does this by taking a complete history, blood panel analysis for next generation biomarkers related to your health, detoxification and the aging processes. She will always check in with how you are handling stress levels and help with cortisol metabolism to see how your hormonal control center is working. She will also test your genes and make recommendations for how to improve current and future gene/environment interactions. However, she believes that genes do not have to determine your fate, thus will help you create a plan to age gracefully without disease. She will also assess your gut/brain axis with muscle testing or order an organic acid test in the urine or stool since the gut is always at the core of a strong immune and hormonal system. She will help you navigate the many diet recommendations that are out there to fit your body’s needs.

After helping you to create a strong lifestyle foundation, which touches base on diet, sleep and nutrition, she may prescribe bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT), herbal or nutraceutical supplementation. Bio-identical hormones can help get your life back on track while she works on underlying causes of imbalance in the body. After careful laboratory evaluation to determine deficiencies, Dr. Sinha will prescribe precise levels of bioidentical hormones to help restore your body’s natural balance. Bio-identical hormones are identical to the ones that are in your body, which is why can help the body get back into to balance.  Dr. Sinha’s goal is to help optimize your health, sleep better, have more energy, and prevent disease so you feel vital and balanced from your cells to your soul!

Your visit will include:

  • Health optimization, better sleep, more energy, and a disease prevention plan

  • Exercise and fitness recommendations

  • Diet and nutrition guidelines tailored to your constitution

  • Customized individual vitamin, herbal, and mineral supplementation recommendations

  • Evaluation of genetic variances

  • Evaluation of any underlying stealth infections

  • Evaluation of the body’s environmental toxin overload

  • Hormone evaluation through urine, blood, or saliva tests and possible Hormone Replacement Therapy (Bio-identical Hormone Therapy)