European Biological Medicine

Dr. Sinha offers patients a new approach to chronic and degenerative diseases called biological medicine. Modern medicine has achieved many triumphs but falls short in treating chronic illness such as Lyme disease, Mold Illness, CIRS, Allergies, Autoimmune Diseases and much more. Biological medicine focuses on understanding the underlying causes of illnesses, relieving them through natural methods, then helping the body build up its immune and regulatory forces.   Dr. Sinha, of Seattle, has studied various diagnostic methods and treatments in Germany at biological medical clinics. She offers treatments that are very individual and she does not focus on the diagnosis, because she wants to treat the person not a label.

After evaluating many blood and urine tests, she eliminates the contributing factors one by one. These typically include dental/oral disturbances such as infected root canals or mercury amalgam fillings, food allergies, mineral/vitamin and trace element deficiencies, electromagnetic stress, digestive dysbiosis, chemical and heavy metal toxicity, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, identification of chronic infections such as viral, parasitic, bacterial, or fungal, and mental/ emotional blocks.

A combination of therapies enhances the patient’s cellular metabolism, so that the body regains the ability to heal itself and resolve the disease. Drugs can oftentimes be reduced or eliminated after some months of treatment.